Victoza and Saxenda are two medications commonly used by diabetics however prescribed by doctors for separate reasons.

What is Victoza?

Victoza is an injectable medication used to treat cardiovascular disorders amongst type 2 diabetics. It is usually prescribed along with a diet and exercise program. It is primarily used to help those with type 2 diabetes, older than the age of 10, manage their blood sugar levels. It also aids in reducing the risk of certain heart conditions such as heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. Those taking Victoza usually administer the drug once per day, with or without food. It’s recommended to take it at the same time everyday so you don’t accidentally miss a dose.

What is Saxenda?

Saxenda is an injectable prescription medication used to treat people, 12 and older, suffering from obesity. This popular drug is commonly used by diabetics due to its effectiveness or managing weight loss. By properly managing weight, diabetics can expect an improvement in blood sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. Saxenda is typically accompanied by a proper diet and exercise program. Saxenda mimics a peptide naturally produced in the body called GLP-1 or glucagon-like peptide-1 which is used to control appetite which also reduces caloric intake.

In the following article we examine the key differences between Victoza & Saxenda and provide valuable information for those considering taking either of these drugs.

Similarities & Differences

Both Victoza and Saxenda are produced by the same company Novo Nordisk and contain the same ingredient called liraglutide. Both medications come in the form of an injectable pen and used subcutaneously. Incretin stimulates the pancreas to release insulin in the body when blood sugar is raised. Both drugs belong to a class of drugs known as GLP-1 agonists which mimicks the incretin function in the body and give you the feeling of satiety like you just ate.

Even though both drugs belong to the same medication known as GLP-1 agonists, they have noteable differences which is why they cannot be used interchangeably. Saxenda is typically used by diabetics to manage obesity & weight loss. Victoza is typically taken by those with type 2 diabetes to help control blood sugar levels.

INGREDIENTS: Victoza vs Saxenda

Both Victoza and Saxenda are the top brands which contain the same drug named liraglutide.

Liraglutide is used in combination with diet and exercise programs in order to improve Blood sugar levels fro those with type 2 diabetes mellitus (not type 1 diabetes).

It belongs to a class of drugs named glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) agonists which work to decrease appetite and increase insulin levels.

USAGE: Victoza vs Saxenda

Both Victoza and Saxenda are approved for different uses but contain the same drug: liraglutide.


Victoza is not commonly prescribed to help people lose weight but approved by the FDA for improving blood sugar level management in type 2 diabetics.


Saxenda is FDA-approved to be used in combination with diet & exercise for improved weight loss.

It is commonly prescribed for adults with either a body mass index (BMI) equal or greater than 30 kg/m2. For children 12 years of age or older, weigh more than 132 lbs or have a BMI equal or greater than 27kg/m2 may be prescribed Saxenda.

Saxenda is not prescribed to improve blood sugar levels, for children under the age of 12 or anyone with type 1 diabetes.

While both Victoza and Saxenda may contain the same drug, Saxenda is the only one of the two prescribed specifically for weight loss.

EFFECTIVENESS: Victoza vs Saxenda

Victoza is approved to help improve blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes.

Saxenda is approved to help those who are obese or overweight with long